Vicsport to partner with revolutioniseSPORT

Vicsport is thrilled to announce revolutioniseSPORT, an online management platform that currently works with over 260 governing bodies and 18,000 clubs, as a Vicsport partner.

With staff who have previously worked in sport club administration, revolutioniseSPORT and its parent company SportsGrid understand the necessary but painful tasks and paperwork undertaken by volunteers and staff members. They utilise technology to simplify, or remove, those duties which enables volunteers and sport administrators more time to focus on the things that make their sport fun and attractive to participants.

revolutioniseSPORT can support all business aspects of a sporting organisation including online registrations, finance and invoicing, team entries, managing competition and event attendance as well as incident and injury recording.

The partnership also includes the naming rights for the revolutioniseSPORT Digital Forum, an annual event run by Vicsport that looks at the latest trends and exciting technological solution throughout the sport and recreation industry.

“With a team that not only understands sport but can provide beneficial knowledge and assistance to sporting organisations, this partnership with revolutioniseSPORT is really exciting,” said Vicsport CEO, Lisa Hasker.

“It will also be great to have them involved in our Digital Forum where they can further pass on their technological expertise.”

SportsGrid CEO, Alex Mednis, said, “As Australia’s most trusted online sports management platform, we are confident our partnership with Vicsport will be a successful one and prove beneficial to Victorian sporting organisations.”

“We firmly believe that technology should enable participation both in metropolitan and rural communities and to bridge cultural, geographic and physical divides. By enabling a ‘whole of sport’ approach to technology, revolutioniseSPORT is primed to help sporting organisations with a platform to run their operations seamlessly and efficiently.”

For more information about revolutioniseSPORT, visit their website here:

About revolutioniseSPORT:
revolutioniseSPORT is on a mission to maximise the capabilities of sporting organisations with innovative technology. It is the cloud-based, management platform for member based and sporting organisations that improves administration by empowering users to simplify their day-to-day duties, maximise their community impact and focus on what’s important. As part of the SportsGrid family, revolutioniseSPORT is deeply connected to the infrastructure of sport, supercharging dexterity in customer support, client communication, marketing and product development. To learn more and sign up to a free trial of revolutioniseSPORT, visit or connect at

About Vicsport:

For over 30 years Vicsport has provided advice, assistance and support to its members and the broader sports community. Through our extensive network, Vicsport's constituency includes 16,000 clubs and associations and over 3.9 million participants including paid staff and volunteers who make a significant contribution to the social, physical, mental and economic wellbeing of the Victorian community.

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