The Sport Experience Immersive Workshop

We have a new forum we’d love to see you participate in!

In what will be quite a different forum, Vicsoprt has partnered with VicHealth, Dr. Erica Randle from La Trobe University's Centre for Sport and Social Impact, and Andrew O’Loughlin from the Sports Experience Design co, to provide us with this experiential workshop.

Why the 'sport experience'?

  • The experience we provide in our sport and recreation offerings plays a hugely significant role in whether we have a positive impact in our work. The evidence and our intuition tells us that a positive experience plays a large role in the recruitment of participants and volunteers, and their retention.
  • The experience we offer decides whether:
    • People will want to sign up.
    • It influences what they think, do and feel when they are there.
    • What they remember and say about us afterwards, and, whether they want to come back again.
  • So for all these reasons, we would like to invite you to this Sport Experience Design immersion and workshop, where you will participate in a learning experience that you can take away and use.

Why an ‘immersive workshop’?

We want to ensure you walk away from this event having learnt something that you can apply, and we all know that we all learn best by actually experiencing something.

We also know that we need actionable learnings, so after you participate in the activity, we will workshop ways that you can apply these learnings in your own work.

What is actually involved?

In the first part of this session, you will experience what it’s like to participate in a new sport, and then the second half will see you take part in a workshop to share our learnings.

What is special, and a little bit scary, for this forum, is that you will participate in a good, and sometimes not so good experience, so that you get a genuine feeling for what it’s like to walk in the shoes of a participant who gets a good, or a bad experience in our sports.

The trick is, we won’t tell you when you’re getting a good or bad experience leading up to the session, or during it, but we will look forward to your perspectives when we workshop it afterwards.

Workshop Details

Date: Tuesday 5th July, 2022

Time: 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Location: ‘The Hangar’ 275 Melrose Dr, Melbourne Airport VIC 3045


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The Hangar, 275 Melrose Dr, Melbourne Airport VIC 3045

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